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News 07/12/2020
The "Remembering" song audio and class statistics presented at the renunion are now available under menu item "Reunions / 2004"

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2019 Reunion:

 138 Total Reunion Attendees

Attendees Bountiful Park Notes

Ariel Osmond 2
Beverly King Macfarlane Unable to attend
Blair Fullmer Unable to attend
Brent Beesley 1
Brent Cullimore 1
Brent Littlefield Littlefield Unable to attend
Carolyn Coons Greer 2
Cheryln Olson Hart Unable to attend
Chris Gravis Kyriopoulos Unable to attend
Christine Clayton Tueller 2
Clark Jenkins 2
Collette Mann Wride 2
Connie Isakson Allen 2
Curtis Barrett 1
Curtis Last 2
Dave Asay 2
David Dowding 2
David Gill 2
David Thomas 1
Dennis Knighton 2
Denny Kotter Unable to attend
Diann Fisher Linge / Dee 2
Don Carlisle 1
Don Youngblood 2
Dorothy Cannon Hammond 2
Dorothy Searle Gisseman 2
Doug Beer 2
Earl Cleverly Unable to attend
Floyd McDermott 1
Gary Bangerter Unable to attend
Gary Gotschall Unable to attend
George DeReus 2
Glenna Hutchinson Grandia 2
Gregg "Skip" Nielsen 2
Gregory Johnston Unable to attend
Howard Holt 2
Ilona Buerger Simpson 1
James Eldredge Unable to attend
Jane Ellis Howell Unable to attend
Jane Kreutzer Hall Unable to attend
Janet Barber Bagley 1
Janice Stout 1
Janie Marie Smith Nebeker Unable to attend
Jaxine Binkerd Rodgers Unable to attend
Jeanne Chapman Doxsee 2
Jeannie Prescott Davies 2
Jeff Wardle 2
Jerry Spanos Unable to attend
Jim Evans 1
Joan Parker Gilbert 1
John Chipman Unable to attend
Julie Herr Dallavo Unable to attend
Juliene Moss Scott 2
Karen Carter Stowell 2
Karen Hunter Cosby 1
Karen Luderman Bettilyon 1
Karla Graham Crockett Unable to attend
Kathie Rampton McMillen 1
Kathleen Jensen Tyler 1
Kathy Holbrook Jones 2
Kathy Lee Layton 2
Keith Jensen Unable to attend
Kenneth Tingey 1
Kent Bangerter 2
Kent Erickson Unable to attend
Kent Mabey 2
Kraig Fox 2
LaMar Kemp 1
Lane Summerhays Unable to attend
Larry Jacobs 1
Laurie Burningham Secrist 2
LaVon Stout Johnson 2
Loretta Rodgers Larsen Unable to attend
Lorin Squires 2
Lynn Bybee 2
Lynn Payne 2
Marjorie Grasteit Nicol 1
Marjorie Rowley 1
Mary Davis Moss Unable to attend
Mike Averett Unable to attend
Mike Vaughan 2
Nathan Byers 1
Ned Hill 2
Neil Flandro 1
Nick Ericksen 2
Paul Forsberg Unable to attend
Paula Mercer Godwin 2
Peggy Alley Smith 2
Peggy Flowers Wade 1
Phyllis England Allred 1
Ranae Miller Wrigley 2
Ray Rich 1
Richard Cawley 1
Richard Tingey 2
Robert Anderton 2
Robert Scott Unable to attend
Rockne Holbrook Unable to attend
Ron Gruendell 2
Sandy Roberts Cullimore 1
Scott Peterson 1
Sharon Wettstein Stahle 1
Sheryl Tingey Smith 2
Steve Lindsey 2
Steve Mangel Unable to attend
Susan Hansen Evans 2
Susan York Casper 2
SusanC Brown Weaver 1
SusanW Brown Wright 2
Sylvia Poulson Wilkinson 2
Ted Jensen Unable to attend
Theresa Robinson Hospodarsky 1
Tom Loder Unable to attend
Vicki Lynn Seeley Frederiksen 2
Virginia Ellis Swensen 2
Wayne Law 2
Wil Druk 1

Total Attendees Saturday Bountiful Park: 138
Number of class members: 85
Total Unable To Attend: 31


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