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20 March 2004

Hi Skip,

I received the notice of the reunion in Sept from Carmen (now Anderson).  A 40 year anniversary!  You must be talking about my parents.  I’m really not that old, but my physical plant is getting a bit run down.  Time does fly.    

Since, I am likely not to make it out –usually due to my schedule and not my desire, I thought I would share with you a brief update from here in the mid-west.  Karen (Russon from SLC) and I have lived all our married life outside of Utah.  We lived in Dallas for 14 years, one year in the Boston area and now 16 going on 17 years in Indiana in a suburb of Indianapolis.  Four children did their best to raise their parents and by and large succeeded.  All are back in school – 3 in graduate programs and one still to complete his undergraduate studies.

We stay in touch with classmates as best we can.  Occasionally, we have other Bountifulites live in this area and their children can’t believe their parents pictures when I get out an old year book.  

My happy thoughts:  looking through a year book at each member of our class.  Our teachers.  Many, many students that I admired.  Growing up in the 60’s was certainly different than today.  We were lucky.

My regrets:  that I didn’t fully appreciate the unique qualities of so many in our class and that I didn’t learn the names of the ladies who served us lunch. 

Thanks so much for working to get us together.  I appreciate so much the influence many of our class had on me.  Just wish there was a way to let each one know my sincere appreciation for being able to know them somewhat while we were in high school.

Best regards,

John Chipman


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